Birdhouse Accelerator interviews Tyranos founder

Birdhouse Accelerator interviews Tyranos founder

These Birdhouse start-ups focus on healthcare and sketch a picture of the future for their sector: "Tech companies will become the central players."

Because of the corona pandemic, the health sector is perhaps more topical than ever. The pressure on healthcare staff is enormous and together we do everything we can to live and move as healthily and freely as possible. Some Birdhouse start-ups are also working on these themes, including Tyranos. How do they see the future of the health sector? And which things need to change urgently?

Harmen Jans studied Pharmaceutical Sciences, took over his parents’ pharmacy in 2011 and is a triathlete with a knee problem. Reason enough to delve into the world of nutritional supplements. Harmen: “Natural ingredients, such as turmeric and boswellic acids, can have a strengthening effect on our body. However, I often came across unreliable brands that could not help me tackle my knee problem. That's why I decided to start Tyranos, my own nutritional supplement brand. ”

The fact that many supplement brands do not do what they promise is partly due to the inadequate legislation and control surrounding these products, according to Harmen. “When bringing a supplement to the market, you need a notification file. That file specifies which ingredients you use. Upon approval, you will receive a certification and you may sell the supplement. However, this certification is lacking in many brands. In addition, it is not a guarantee for high-quality ingredients, correct dosages and purity, because these are not checked! ”

“With Tyranos, I want to provide an honest answer to this,” Harmen continues. "Our supplements are tested by three independent labs on identity, dosage, purity and quality of ingredients. In addition, they are checked for prohibited substances and we always follow the dosages that have proven their effects in scientific studies. Our supplements therefore meet stricter requirements than we are legally required. ”

Harmen Jans
The basis for a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet, sufficient exercise and adequate sleep. Supplements can be a perfect addition to this.
Harmen Jans
Founder Tyranos

Tyranos wants to be completely transparent towards the consumer. This has to do with legal communication guidelines: “As a nutritional supplement brand, we are not allowed to use claims that guarantee a diagnosis or cure of a disease. According to the law, this is only allowed for medicines. We try to inform the customer as well as possible about the origin of our ingredients, the effect and the underlying science. This way they can confidently make a choice as to whether our supplements are suitable for them.

According to Harmen, the basis for a healthy lifestyle still lies with a balanced diet, sufficient exercise, adequate sleep and relaxation. Supplements can be a perfect addition to this, but he also sees movement from the technological angle: “There are already players on the market that use technology for pain relief and allow people to move freely, such as Compex (muscle stimulation) and Sana (VR technology) for physical recovery. The sector is still in its infancy, but a lot will change. "

Not only specialized companies are involved in health technology, large tech companies are also heavily invested. Harmen: “For example, Apple offers a growing number of healthcare services via the Apple Watch. Google bought Fitbit, a brand best known for its fitness watches. Amazon recently acquired Health Navigator and Pillpack and launched Amazon Pharmacy. This trend will continue and will turn tech companies into central players in healthcare!”